Please Stop Playing “Wagon Wheel”

Improve your gig, jam, or open mic today by not playing “Wagon Wheel”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why?

A: It's overplayed.

Q: Really?

A: Absolutely.

Q: But I/we put a new spin on this song by...

A: Please stop playing “Wagon Wheel”.

Q: But...

A: Please stop playing “Wagon Wheel”.

Q: Are there exceptions that should be considered?

A: Yes. If...

1. your name is Bob Dylan;

2. your band is Old Crow Medicine Show; or

3. your name is Matt Andersen

Then you should play this song.

Q: What if my name is Darius Rucker?

A: Please stop playing “Wagon Wheel”.

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Want to help put an end to this epidemic once and for all?

Want to show your peers and arch-nemeses alike that you're not going to take this all lying down?

That you're up for a fight?

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